Investment in Increased Press Capacity within Rical Group

Rhodes Progression stamping press

metal pressings manufactured on Rhodes stamping press

As a direct result of an increased demand for Metal Pressings and assemblies within the UK automotive and domestic sectors, Rical Group has pushed forward with investment in additional capacity in the “mid-sized” Press range with the provision of additional 450t Rhodes progression stamping press technology.

Rical Group, via two of its divisions, William Mitchell Ltd, located Smethwick and traditionally renowned for its manufacture of fine blanking components along with Fellows Ltd. located in Wolverhampton and equally renowned for its Deep drawn metal pressings expertise (a stone’s throw from the new JLR i54 Engine Plant), are both able to offer a range of additional press capacity, specifically within 250t to 600t progression and Transfer production.

Items as diverse as Automotive seating components to Domestic Boiler components can be produced within this mid-sized press range over a variety of different shift patterns in mid to high volume.

Both of the Groups divisions, Fellows Ltd and William Mitchell Ltd are quality accredited to TS16949 and ISO14001.

With the return to UK supply of volume manufacturing within both the Domestic and Automotive sectors this extra capacity to produce progression metal pressings has come at a time when OEM’s and their tiered suppliers are arguably very busy and serves to create additional expertise and capacity within this very important area of the UK economy.

For more information in regard to your requirements for Press capacity specifically within the circa 450t press range, please contact us at

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